Essential Performance Management Solutions for Today's HR

As a business grows, it usually faces issues with scaling, workflow optimization, and process automation. Managing a company's human resources also gets more and more complicated as the number of employees increases. In order to cover all day-to-day HR tasks and personnel and payroll needs, you may take advantage of a Human Capital Management (HCM) System - specialized software that helps with routine HR activities.

Key Features of Inspire X70

One platform, a myriad of skilful functions tailored to your needs to carry out almost any HR task you want.

A systematic user interface, easy to use with clear indications to execute tasks effortlessly, enhancing user experience.

Minimise human errors and devise better workforce strategies to reduce HR expenses.

Fully web-based, enables access anywhere, anytime on both PC and mobile devices.

Stay informed and decide quickly with onboard workforce dashboard.

Managing your Employee has never been easier with Inspire X70's all-in-one HR Solutions

Main Modules of Inspire X70

Receive goods from supplier into warehouse and bin, updates the quantities, batch number and items expiry date.
Centralize all employment data into single depository, such as Personal Data, Service Movement History, Increment Data and etc.
To evaluate the employee performance, the employee performance result will be used for the development and reward purpose.
Analyse the employee training needs, and creating the employees training catalogue.
To give a convenient platform for employee to apply and access to their own leave information.
Centralize other employment relevant information, except for information type mentioned in Workforce.
To give a convenient platform for employee to apply and access to their own claim information.
Processing and calculating employees rewards, such as Bonus and Increment. The compensation also helps in backpay calculation.
Process the Employees wages with statutory compliance.

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