Connecting Business

Workcircle is a tailored made mobile intranet platform to provide companies the ability to apply leave, apply claim, traction of employee attendance, check payroll, calendar scheduling, meeting invitation, task management, and collaborate on projects. Companies of any size can instantly link all employees with real-time communications and companies related information to improve productivities and efficiency. Furthermore, it is fully customizable and white label with your prestige company.

Key Features of Workcircle

The best tools don't require a lot of fuss. With Workcircle HR Module, we've simplified the HR tools you need to power your people and business.

Put all required Business Process into mobile app to increase productivity and make approval process real-time.

Instantly track status of deliveries with Workcircle Mobile App. Check delivery orders by the status and colors.

Workcircle plays a crucial role both inside and outside the workplace like sharing information, communication, networking and connecting with employees, customers, administration, management and so on.

Employees are now able to view organisation's staff directory on Workcirlce mobile app.

Everywhere You Go

With fully friendly apps for iOS and Android, whatever you do on one device is refected everywhere. Everything is in sync. You can always pick up wherever you left off

Main Modules of Workcircle

Applying leave has never been this easy! Just a few taps direct to your superior.
Immediately log the claim amount and relevant remarks into the system.
Why still use punch card when you can check in/out through mobile app.
News & Events
Supports Push Notifications to keep you updated.
Easily create recurring events and setup reminders.
Easy access to organized documents.
Media Gallery
Company events coverage to shares with all staffs.
Staff Directory
Easy access to every employee of your company in just few clicks.
Create activity and sync to calendar easily.

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