The automation of daily operations has been simpler with the Bar Code Application.

Whether you're in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, or even a grocery store, we've got you covered with our small-to-medium business platform.

Main Benefits of Bar Code Application

End-to-end tracking parts can be optimised down to the serial number of each individual worker and consumer.

Employees can track material and goods with accurate, real-time information.

Replacing paper-reliant workflow processes with Bar Code Application helps your organization be far more efficient.

Real-time updates ensure that inventory movements and availability are always accurate.

Accuracy and speed leads to better customer satisfaction.

How does Bar Code Application streamline in your barcode scanning process?

Key Features of Bar Code Application

Receive goods from supplier into warehouse and bin, updates the quantities, batch number and items expiry date.
Pick List
Pick items from warehouse based on Item Transfer Request by scanning the items and batch number barcode.
Stock Count
Perform stock taking using barcode scanner and update count quantity in stock count sheet.
Transfer List
Acknowledge receipt of items from warehouse by scanning the item and batch barcode to avoid stocks discrepancy
Stock Inquiry
Check stock status and location of items in warehouse using mobile device
Label Printing
Label can be printed on sticker paper ready to be attached to the product

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